Scotto - - 2017

Burning Man - A Week of Radical Self Expression

'Burning Man is an Adult Playland', a 29-Hour a day party for a week; A Globally Charged Community in the desert of Northern Nevada.

'You can vacation in say Jamaica and see things that millions have seen before you and millions will see after you...Or you can trek yourself & stuff to BRC and see things that will only be available for one week to see'

Here is an interesting look back at what Burning Man has meant to me and the lessons I have learned each year...

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2009Radical Self-Expression
The 2009 BM/BRC/PolyParadise Playa lessons have continued to come to my consciousness since the Playa and are part of my daily life.  As my 45th B-Day just passed I look at my life and me as a Person, and I am PROUD!  I am not being conceded, I am loving ME and what I have become.  I have not yet made that $1,000,000 but I have more LOVE in  my life than I ever thought possible.  The warmth of family, community & PolyParadise and being a Burner are worth way more than six zeros...

My Teeth...I have Bad Teeth.  OK, There I said it....My Dad had Thyroid CA at 45, Dementia at 56, Passed at 58, if all I got was Bad Teeth than I will take that.  I admit that as a kid I did not Brush correctly or at all and I have suffered the consequences.  But all of my teeth are bad, not just one or two.  

When I look at other people's teeth, I see that not everyone has good teeth, there are many people with missing teeth.  Most of those missing teeth are on the side, where my own is right in the  middle.  I choose to not wear the denture Front Tooth when I am not in a professional situation.  That is my Radical Self-Expression!!  It is my hope that anyone I meet or interact with can look past the fact that I have a missing Front Tooth, look past this cosmetic issue and see that I am still me, I am Scotto!!

Playa Lessons Learned…

  • 2009 was my 10th Playa venture & the 8th being Camp Daddy, Benevolent Dictator of PolyParadise.  What an Amazing Journey!!!

  • No matter how many times you look over your packing list & recheck the bins and crates, invariably you will forget something...In 2009 it was Dishwashing Liquid. Thank you to our neighbors @ 4:30 & D for gifting some suds our way to make it thru the week.

  • Burning Man 2009 - Art Project
    On the Playa in 2009 we had an interactive sign in front of our camp. The sign was painted - but only had the following written:
    "What Is Your Evolution..."

  • Unless you know, really know...Do not ever compliment a women on being pregnant, unless you really know she is.

  • One of the greatest compliments for me as Camp Daddy is praise that comes from former PolyParadise campers that have camped elsewhere and will be returning because they see what I see, they see and feel Community!

  • I am not sure what makes one person or another able to accept the concept of Open-Relationship in whatever label you might choose...But some people are just way to FREAKIN emotional and need to get over themselves, not find their own self-worth in others.  Stop feeling so self-important, get over yourself.  YMMV

  • BONK On My Head!!! After 7 attempts...She still is not into you...
    Damm it could be oh so nice...

  • If Money is the root of all evil, then Jealousy is the killer of Poly.

What lessons did you learn from Burning Man & the Playa in 2009?