Scotto - - 2017

Previous Career


Wagner College 1986 | B.S. Chemistry/Nuclear Medicine

For 13 Years I was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in New York City & Phoenix, AZ.

  • St. Vincent's Hospital, NYC

  • New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center, NYC

  • Phoenix Baptist Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

  • Community Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

  • Developed & Marketed Software User Manual for Nuclear Medicine Equipment

  • Liaison to Radiation Safety Committee & Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency

  • Clinical Supervisor for Nuclear Medicine students from Gateway Community College

Marketed Materials

Current Endeavors

Programmer | Instructor

I traded in working with 'Sick People' for working with 'Sick Computers'. No longer curing 'Viruses' with Injections...I now cure 'Viruses with Diskettes'. Working as a Freelance Instructor in A+ & Visual Basic 5 & Access 2000 at various Community Colleges & Universities, lead to an awesome job at ComputerPrep, Inc., as a Project Manager | Visual Basic Programmer.

ComputerPrep, a courseware warehouse company, created and sold software curriculum titles of it's own and co-branded others. I was involved in the Custom Learning Solutions group and was tasked with taking the highly regarded ComputerPrep Design Methodology and transforming it into a product that could be sold to potential Curriculum Developers who may not have Adult Learning Theory in their repertoire.

Thus was born CoursewareWizardTM ComputerPREP, Inc. ® 2000


ComputerPrep was bought by ProsoftTraining in the summer of 2000 and as 75% of the workforce was let go, so died CoursewareWizard.

Marketed Materials

Instructor | Programmer

Current employment finds me very happy at Fennemore Craig where I am the Training Coordinator for a 200 Attorney Law Firm. With 450 staff total, I am responsible for training of all New Hires, Author of all training curriculum, Visual Basic, VBA, Access, Web Programming & anything else I can get my hands into.

I have been teaching VB.NET, Computer Problem Solving & UML at University of Advancing Technology Days/Eves from 1/01 - 12/10.