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Burning Man - A Week of Radical Self Expression

'Burning Man is an Adult Playland', a 29-Hour a day party for a week; A Globally Charged Community in the desert of Northern Nevada.

'You can vacation in say Jamaica and see things that millions have seen before you and millions will see after you...Or you can trek yourself & stuff to BRC and see things that will only be available for one week to see'

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Beyond Black Rock - A Burning Man Movie

The movie Beyond Black Rock is available via the Burning Man Market Place. Here are my favorite quotes from the film.

Whatever you want to call it - A City - A Festival - Community; Its been going for over a decade; We thought you might like to see up close what some people call - A PROTOAPOCALYPTICHIPPYNEOPAGANFREAKFEST  
A lot of nudity & fire - While the law looks the other way - If you think that is strange you haven't seen nothing yet.  
We heard about this strange and wonderful desert in Nevada where you could burn things...  
More nothing than anyone ever imagined, so blank that it became possible to affect the world by just suggestion.  
It is impossible for most people to see something has value if does not have a financial reward at the end or something you end up with; a trophy or a prize. It is so hard to explain - a couple of young girls that come by and watch me work - they ask what are you doing this for; some of the best things in life are the things you do not get any money for. This is not something I am going to sell; make money with, its something I want to do.  
When I wrote the initial theme camp request I asked to be in the back row farthest away from the esplanade but still in Theme Camp zone; someone said to me when you write something like that to the Burning Man people, they are sure to put you front and center.  
I had a random encounter as he walked past me on the Playa in 1996; and asked him why the desert; I was secretly concerned he seen a vision and he must bring his people to the desert and if that was the case I was going to bale.  
Larry Harvey is a washed-up Hippie. He doesn't own the event, Maid Marian doesn't own the event, it is about the people who volunteer that make the event happen.  
I am a very impatient by nature to get to where I imagine...To tell you the truth I don't know that I am all that eager to get there...What happens when you get there?  
It takes a long time to discover what your gifts are...The trick is to find what you are that coincides with the world, it could possibly fit in; then suddenly your dream is there and as in a dream you step into the frame and suddenly everything in your world is meaningful and you were born to be in it; and everything is animated and you were meant to be there. Now how are you going to figure that out unless you keep doing stupid things.  
That is what they are doing out there in the Black Rock Desert...Live your passions and make yourself available to visions and do not try and rationalize to much and move towards what feels real and then for Gods sake accept the help of your friends cause that is what will keep you sane.  
I see the Black Rock Desert as a place that people can go out and do anything they want; however crazy it is; whether it makes sense; weather or not it is useful by any conventional category; maybe they will discover something in themselves; maybe they will discover the focal plane between them and the world and maybe they will discover a life.  
Someday someone is going to find that we were there, even though we try and leave no trace; there going to say, these people must have thought this was a sacred place to go, we go there for some reason, I am not sure what we worship.  
Authorities are hoping the festival will burn itself out the way it began...Spontaneously.  
Two feet shorter than the Man...Anytime anyone asks me how tall the temple is, it is two feet shorter than the Man...Because I am a guest.  
When you get ready to go to Burning Man...As soon as you leave the door to your house, your at Burning Man.  
If we were told to eat an alligator, we would assign a person to each leg, the head and the tail and we would find people to consume it.  
We have invented a kind of formula here, we give them a task that takes them out of themselves and in doing so, they completely forget themselves, their not concerned weather they are having a spiritual experience, there doing something. Its work; Burning Man is work.  
Its nothing like you hear, I take that back, it is everything you hear and a lot more.  
This is one of those events that the outside world needs to see at some point...  
First of all you have to be self-reliant, you have to have a strong character, it helps if your unique. There's no complaining or whining, we have gotten rid of those people. We live, eat, sleep, socialize, have sex altogether, 24/7 were on the ranch, and if there is one flawed character it ruins the whole harmony of the camp.  
You sort of walk around in a daze adjusting to the natural elements, there is no plain people here. Everyone says, everyone should come out here to Burning Man. I could not disagree more, it is definitely not for everyone. You have to have a certain sense of humor and a certain open-mindedness, Burning Man the idea is great, Burning Man the Art is fantastic, but Burning Man the one-on-one experience often disappoints me. People have not thought thru their rhetoric enough to get past some of the catch phrases. It a start, there is something really organic about it, really pleasing about this idea of a festival created by its participants.  
It amazes me that people need to come out here to the desert to endure survival conditions to have a city where it is truly civilized, meaning that people treat each other with the utmost respect. You are not being marketed to, its all about survival.  
When I walk the circle I say it is Not Your Fault, every year I say the same thing. I walk that circle and I say to people it is not your fault, they look at me and say What the Fuck are you talking about...and then I come up to a women, I thought it was my fault...My son committed suicide and I had a fight with him the night he left...Everybody thinks it is an abstract term, but you need to know it is not your fault.  
I do not want to die, I hate the idea of dying, its not so much the injury, but the insult. If people lived for 300 years you would get life stories for the first 130-200 years, all this person did was Fuck Up again and again. Then on year 230 that's enough of that...And who knows, given enough chances, the problem with life is you do not have enough chances, you better be alive to the meaning of things while you have the chance.