Scotto - - 2017

Burning Man - A Week of Radical Self Expression

'You can vacation in say Jamaica and see things that millions have seen before you and millions will see after you...Or you can trek yourself & stuff to BRC and see things that will only be available for one week to see'

Here is an interesting look back at what BM has meant to me and the lessons I have learned each year...

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2011A Burning Man Art Project

On the Playa in 2011 we had an interactive sign in front of our camp.
The sign was painted - but only had the following written:

"Rites of Passage - Where have you been? Where are you going?"

The idea was that passerbys would write on the sign with provided markers.

On this day - we transposed the writings thereof:

A place of delight, Trust, Love, Art, Laughter, Passion, Fame, Ego, Boredom, Frustration, Loss, Fear, Sadness, Insecurity, a place of nothing, DUST, blows it wide-open spaces; where there was nothing before, Creation anew, Growth, Evolution, Fresh perspective  
Acting as a citizen of the world  
Guided by others opinions  
If I told you that I might have to marry you...  
Going to a place with more love...  
I finally made it to my family of Burners.  
Penis in Vagina  
Lost in the midst of illusion  
I want to play  
Abandoned by a trusted lover  
Your mom's house  
To the worst nightmare  
Collective subconscious  
To hell and back  
Unhappily married  
All across the man  
To the end of the line  
Living & learning as best I can, in the situation I am able, thankful for the things I have learned  
Horsebrain; I was in one - Call the cops  
Breast Cancer Survivor - Yeah Bitches  
Thank you Earth & Universe  
Life is beautiful and so are you  
Here you are - and now you are there  
Finding my true love on the second try  
Traveling way to quickly thru time  
May the world continue as she does; may humans learn to adapt  
We made it!  
An elevator smells different to a little person  
I am finally 21  
I am going to experience...I have been afraid to long  
My first time home, my heart and soul have been beautifully changed  
Freedom from judgment  
To find peace  
Into the future  
I am going to happiness  
Straight to the top  
Home - Black Rock City Family - PolyParadise  
Totally Gay  
To the greatest dream  
Conscious unconsciousness  
To Love  
To Pee  
Across the line and off into the distance  
We are all connected thru our experience interacting together  
To change the world  
To love myself first  
All the way...  
I am going where I have not been  
Someplace that lets me be completely and without judgment and with complete acceptance and love  
Inner and Outer space (man)  
Love thru all time & space  
Guided by the inspiration ahead  
To the center of my heart to the divine goddess I am  
VORDAK . THgOMV + Lady Hornet - I Love You!  
Years in the making  
I embraced who I really am for the first time  
I am finally home - Love me  
Love All  
That Way