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Burning Man - A Week of Radical Self Expression

'You can vacation in say Jamaica and see things that millions have seen before you and millions will see after you...Or you can trek yourself & stuff to BRC and see things that will only be available for one week to see'

Here is an interesting look back at what BM has meant to me and the lessons I have learned each year...

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2008A Burning Man Art Project

On the Playa in 2008 we had an interactive sign in front of our camp. The sign was painted - but only had the following written:

"My American Dream is..."

The idea was that passerbys would write on the sign with provided markers.

On this day "Civil Rights Day - Martin Luther King Day" 2009 - we transposed the writings thereof:

Don't tell me how to live my life and I will return the favor  
I'm bored of freedom  
Faith applied reasonably is practical magic  
One that doesn't require the exploitation of people or natural resources  
Greater unity amidst greater diversity  
World Peace C.O.  
Not expressible in human words  
To burn it all down  
Joy in truth  
Peace and Love  
It's not steak & blowjobs  
That Burning Man runs the country  
Running down the street naked, covered in green jelly, reading Playboy magazine and thinking Happy Thoughts  
"You are becoming who you really are"  
To be an instrument of peace, for the betterment of my soul and my world  
Legalize It!!  
Sex and financial freedom  
A more Psychic America, Empathetic, Sexy, Interconnected  
To Love More  
Peanut Butter  
Global Melting Pot  
To burn whatever I want  
Drill our own Oil Well  
To not live Paycheck to Paycheck anymore  
To believe in politicians  
To be the kind mother I never have  
Share with Love  
Dream for us all, never 2 forget. Lets live them each different, but all true in the heart and soul...Dreams made real - Julie Wood (Whiteout) for all dreamers  
Bung Hooks w/B.C. Bud  
The 'On & Off Switch'  
To have the right to Freedom that we all should have  
Expecting truth, living by faith, spreading the Love  
To Thrive!  
This Place  
Be all your wishes 2 B  
Less judgment  
To unite as one in love as love 3  
Find George Washington  
Decadent Abundance in Love & Sex  
Happiness not just menial love  
To be proud not ashamed of my country  
Most of us 'R' toilet trained  
The dream my parents had for me, to give my children a better world than I was given  
To escape Amerika  
Congruency of hearts  
Born to B Alive  
To be in Porn  
To really be free  
No taxes, Pure capitalism, No government control, No regulation  
Peace, Love & Happiness not only for my son & I, but for everyone in this universe  
Think less - Feel more  
Living in a lunar colony  
To really be free  
To finish this beer without being molested  
To create peace & empowerment thru Circus Love  
To enjoy life 2 the fullest  
Coexist with everything  
Eat some freedom with an Orange  
That we are all one citizen Earth  
To restart America  
To promote Peace & Happiness, to live freely and be aware of everything...All you need is Love  
Truly deeply global  
For the great love in me 2 B set free  
A land of support for every weird thing you desire  
Freedom is Satanic  
Grow Pot, Climb rocks, make some good in the world, have that be all  
To Wake Up  
This Side Up  
Don't have sex tonight, you will leave mud puddles on the sheets  
To leave behind more than I took  
Live in Love  
Subvert the mercurial mind set  
To realize being judged is to be chronically insane  
To have lunch  
Burn Free or Die  
To rise above my current condition in life  
No War  
Speaking the word  
I am living my dream  
For every American to be free to find their happiness  
Be Happy  
Freedom comes from within  
Turn shit around  
To be myself and be loved for it  
Smoke Weed  
Travel the world  
Burning Man '09  
No Nations, No Borders  
Leave me the fuck alone, please  
To be a Native American  
To love and be loved  
Unconditional Love  
Re-Elect Bush to a third-term...One can only hope  
Happiness is not just mental  
To Be Happy  
True accepting, True happiness, True Community  
To live totally contented in a Poly Lifestyle..Thank you, my heart is filled with gratitude  
Anarchy will not rule, will not be ruled  
Just Dollars; Amero Banks  
A day I can travel overseas without being hated when people think I am an American  
Give me Liberty or give me Death  
I have a Dream...  
To call no country my own  
To live here now  
No More Lies  
More upward mobility less tricks  
Making the stupid be accountable