Scotto - - 2017

Some people know me as Scott Platsky. Others know me as Scotto and still others as ScottoBob or ScottoBobScotto. I have been known to answer to Bob, Gus and even Jim on occasion.

In certain circles I am known as Sir Jim of Bob. No matter what name you know me by, I am and always will be just 'An Ordinary Average Guy'.

I know enough to be VERY dangerous. A master of not much and a legend in my own mind.  Find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I have recently added "An Ode to Scotto" video's page

Happy 04/01/XX!! - Check out the 43 APRIL FOOL'S web sites 2005-2014 +1 04/01 2007 Radio-Electra Fundraiser Fire ala Burning Man web sites. The other issue is that 26 of the 43 sites are due for renewal in 2018 between April & July @ $15/domain/yr.

So today April Fool's 2018 - I am resting on my laurels of the past 12 years of 04/01 genius... If I become enlightened with some fresh ideas for more 04/01 web sites - well then you only have to wait 364 days for 04/01/19.

Burning Man has CHANGED my life...I shall never be the same... It has allowed me to look at my 'Box' and decide if it must remain a Square. I am a Computer Instructor / Programmer…Create Web Pages…enjoy Action Films (Death, & Spurting Blood) [Kill Bill Rocks!!], meeting new friends…But most of all I enjoy being SCOTTO. 

Share in my 19-year Burning Man journey - Growth, Stumbles, Observations & Playa Lessons learned.

This is the Tenth periodicity of this Web Site.  It has been an incredible journey since 1996 when was born.  Web Design technologies and my own creativity have come a long way, over the past 1146 weeks.

With each recurrence of this Web Site, readers have been subjected to a populous of material.  Some good, some bad and some REALLY BAD!!  If you missed the craziness of former HUMOR on this site, HAVE NO FEAR...The ARCHIVE can take you there to enjoy BAD HUMOR over and over again.